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Codeine Phosphate

Codeine is an opioid-based treatment that relieves mild to moderate levels of pain. It may be used on its own or in combination with other painkillers such as paracetamol. Codeine tablets are also used to treat a dry and painful cough and this medication comes in 3 doses; 15mg, 30mg and 60mg. It was approved by the FDA in 1950 and has since been used by millions of patients worldwide.


What Conditions Do Codeine Tablets Treat?

  • Mild to moderate pain caused by surgery (post-op pain), terminal illness, cough and headache.
  • Diarrhoea (does not include diarrhoea caused by poisoning).
  • Tuberculosis and insomnia due to constant coughing.

Codeine can be used to treat acute pain which is the most common type of pain. Acute or short-term pain lasts less than 3 months and is usually caused by something specific like a broken bone, surgery or dental work. Chronic or long-term pain lasts more than 3 months and can persist even after an injury or illness has healed. Arthritis, nerve pain and lower back pain are some examples of chronic pain.

How Does Codeine Work?

Codeine works in the following ways:

  • When treating pain, codeine works by changing how the central nervous system (CNS) responds to pain. It achieves this effect by acting on opioid receptors and this stops the communication of pain messages that are transmitted by nerves to the brain.
  • When treating cough, this medication reduces the activity in the part of the brain that leads to coughing. It essentially inhibits the cough reflex in circumstances where a cough is unproductive and has no purpose. It can help bring an end to a dry and painful cough.
  • When treating diarrhoea, codeine acts on opioid receptors in the lining of the intestines. This allows more time for electrolytes and water to be reabsorbed from the contents in the stomach back into the body.

How Must Codeine Pills Be Taken?

A consistent schedule is recommended in the treatment of pain. The reason for this is that it ensures the efficient use of the medication and best chance of positive outcomes. Experts strongly advise that patients follow the exact dosage instructions provided by established online pharmacies. Codeine phosphate is usually taken on an as-needed basis. It can also be taken on consecutive days. The dose of this medication may differ from one patient to another because it is based on the individual needs of the patient, the medical history and the condition being treated. Tips on how to successfully administer codeine:

  • Codeine tablets should always be taken by mouth with some water as it helps with absorption.
  • Patients are advised to start treatment on the lowest effective dose.
  • The tablet may be taken with or without food.
  • The tablet should be swallowed whole and should not be crushed or broken as this can affect its efficacy.
  • Patients are advised not to stop treatment suddenly, increase the dose or amount of medication as this may increase the risk of negative effects and withdrawal symptoms.
  • If you take this medication on consecutive days and forget to take a dose, do not take a double dose to make up for a skipped dose.
  • Codeine works best when it is used only when the discomfort is felt.
  • The usual treatment plan is 3 days. If the pain does not improve, the treatment plan can be extended if necessary.

Benefits of Codeine Phosphate

Codeine is a popular choice for treating mild to moderate pain. This medication is often used to treat chronic pain when standard painkillers have not provided sufficient pain relief. You can expect the following benefits when you buy codeine phosphate from online pharmacies:

  • This medication increases tolerance to pain so the pain may still be apparent but less pain will be felt.
  • Clinical studies have shown that effective pain relief can significantly improve the quality of life for people who suffer from chronic pain.
  • This medication is absorbed into the bloodstream which gives patients quick and effective pain relief.
  • The medication may be used in conjunction with other pain killers such as aspirin, carisoprodol, paracetamol, ibuprofen and promethazine, if necessary. This provides a higher level of pain relief if it is taken concurrently with other standard pain relievers.
  • Side effects of this medication are rare and, if experienced, are usually mild and short-lived.
  • Codeine is the most widely used opioid medication in the world, making it a safe and effective choice for its relevant uses - and also one that is highly recommended by experts.

Contraindications of Codeine

Although codeine tablets may be used in conjunction with certain medicines, there are certain factors that contraindicate the use of this medication. It is very important for patients to pay attention to precautions and contraindications that could affect treatment. Do not use codeine as a form of treatment if you:

  • Are allergic to codeine phosphate, any other analgesic medication, or any of the other ingredients in this medication.
  • Have severe problems with breathing.
  • Are pregnant, planning a pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Codeine Side Effects

The majority of people who buy codeine online usually report positive experiences and effects. The tablet is known to be well tolerated by most users, which is one of the reasons behind its remarkable success. However, side effects are an occurrence with any medication. Codeine side effects tend to be mild or moderate and do not affect every patient. They include the following:

  • Shortness of breath, sweating (to cope with this side effect, try inhaling and exhaling slowly, wear cool, comfortable clothes, and sit / lie in a cool open space)
  • Nausea (taking codeine with food can help prevent nausea)
  • Dry mouth (drinking water, sucking on sugar-free sweets, dry-mouth washing before bed can help prevent this side effect)
  • Sleepiness, light-headedness, dizziness or tiredness (restrict movement and refrain from strenuous work and slowly move out of sitting or lying positions)
  • Constipation (eat a high fiber diet, exercise, drink enough water or use a laxative)

Expert Advice on Dosage and Usage of Codeine

Codeine is an advanced painkiller that requires patients to take the correct dose to benefit from its full effects. After purchasing codeine, users must take note of the codeine phosphate dosage recommendations as they are linked to the results of treatment. For a dry and painful cough, the codeine phosphate dosage is 15mg to 30mg which can be taken every 4 to 6 hours, if necessary.

For mild to moderate pain, the adult dosage of this tablet is 15 mg to 60 mg every 6 hours, taken as needed. Patients must not exceed 240 mg daily. When codeine is used for conditions such as tuberculosis, insomnia and diarrhoea, the dose is based on the severity of the condition. Patients are often given a standard starting dose, which is the lowest effective dose of codeine phosphate. This medicine should be taken for the shortest period of time.

Patients who have previously used opioid therapy will always require a higher initial dose. Doses may be increased or decreased on the basis of the needs of individual patients. When patients have diarrhoea or stomach pain, the medication should be taken with food and not on an empty stomach in future. It is strongly recommended that patients do not suddenly stop the course of treatment - taper off.

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